The Crown Prince Couple's Awards

The Crown Prince Couple’s Awards 2013 was presented in a grand show at the Sydney Opera House. The Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Award was given to the artistic teams behind the first seasons of the drama series The Killing and Borgen. The voluntary national organisation Natteravnene (Night Owls) received the Crown Prince Couple’s Social Award. The young musicians Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, violinist, and MØ aka Karen Marie Ørsted, singer-songwriter, were presented with the Crown Prince Couple’s Rising Star Awards.

This year, the Sydney Opera House provided the setting for the Crown Prince Couple’s Awards as part of the Danish-Australian celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House. The grand show was televised by the Australian TV station SBS1 and will air on DR1 Monday evening. TRH The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark personally presented the four awards of altogether DKK 1,1 million (approx. AUD 200.000) on stage before 1,000 guests in evening dress.

The artistic teams behind The Killing and Borgen received the Culture Award

This year, there were as many as 10 recipients of the Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Award of half a million Danish Kroner. They are the creative teams behind the first seasons of the drama series The Killing and Borgen (Government), namely Søren Sveistrup, main script writer, The Killing season 1-3, Sofie Gråbøl, actress, Birger Larsen, director, Eric Kress, cinematographer, Niels Sejer, production designer and Adam Price, main script writer, Borgen episodes 1-2, Sidse Babett Knudsen, actress, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, director, Lasse Frank, photographer, and Søren Gam, production designer.

The TV series met their audiences for the first time in 2007 and 2010 and have since developed into three seasons for each series. Actress Sofie Gråbøl received the award on behalf of the team behind The Killing. Actress Sidse Babett Knudsen and script writer Adam Price received the award on behalf of the team behind Borgen.

The Crown Prince Couple motivated the choice of winners of the Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Award this way:

“Borgen and The Killing are two unique Danish TV-series that have delivered more than just thrills and drama. With each of them a universe of their own unfolds. Universes that have enraptured not only Danish viewers, but have also enthused,
worried and touched audiences far beyond Denmark’s borders.

Both series are characterized by their striking female leads that drive the plots and also provide insight into modern dilemmas and choices – and their consequences. The parts are delivered in a contemporary idiom that gives the stories great scope
for identification, and the visuals seduce us with their superb quality.

The Killing and Borgen are meaningful and relevant present-day fiction that are exemplary in their insistence on high quality entertainment to broad audiences.”

Natteravnene (Night Owls) rewarded for their nationwide efforts

The national voluntary organisation, Natteravnene (Night Owls) received the Crown Prince Couple’s Social Award, also half a million Danish kroner. The organization was established in 1998 and is created as a franchise concept for volunteers who
work locally across the whole country to build safety for young people in the public arena.

This is done by responsible adult volunteers who carry out walks in their own towns or residential areas when and where they find it relevant. By always walking in mixed-gender teams of three wearing their trademark yellow jackets, they are highly
visible to children and young people. The purpose is partly to have open-minded talks with young people about topics they wish to talk about, partly to encourage preventative social responsibility.

Night Owls have no particular authority, but they have high psychological impact.

The Crown Prince Couple motivated the choice of The Night Owls with the following words:

“Natteravnene – the Night Owls – is a unique social project that concerns all of us; across social status, geography and age. And it has mobilised an impressive number of volunteers.

The Night Owls project is organised as a franchise concept for volunteers, who contribute to generating safety at the local level – especially for children and young people – through a responsible, caring and preventive visible presence in the public
domain, without physical intervention. The presence of the Night Owls together with their constructive talks with children and young people has more than halved the rates of vandalism and violence in many communities throughout Denmark.

The Night Owls project has an innovative structure for developing and running voluntary social work in a simple and efficient way. It is also an excellent example of how a single idea can replicate and spread. Today, the franchise concept on which the project is based has been successfully transferred to a number of other social initiatives.

It is our hope that the Social Award may contribute to the continuation of this impressive development, which, through dynamic, simple and efficient social work, is a great inspiration for tackling social challenges.”

Stig Kjerulf, chairman, the Foundation for Social Responsibility, and the founder of Night Owls, Erik Thorsted, received the award on stage.

Rising Star Awards to young musicians

The Crown Prince Couple’s Rising Star Awards were given to two young musicians – the violinist Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen and singer-songwriter MØ aka Karen Marie Ørsted. Both musicians performed at the Sydney Opera House as part of the show. The next following days the award-winning Danish artists are going to perform at venues around Sydney.

In the motivational speech to Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen the Crown Prince Couple said these words, among others:

“Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen is a violinist who puts on an impressive performance with his accurate and sensitive playing, brilliant technique and melodiousness. Few other musicians from the classical world do more to bring together classical
music and Danish folk music. It is precisely this span from elegant classical music to swinging folk music that shows us Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen as a great musical equilibrist.

We hope that the Rising Star Award will create even more focus on Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen’s special talent and unique sense of musical diversity.”

To MØ aka Karen Marie Ørsted the Crown Prince Couple said the following words in their motivational speech:

”Karen Marie Ørsted, better known by her stage name MØ, is a singer-songwriter characterized by a charming combination of musical accuracy and unpredictability. Her songs are full of infectious energy and musical ingenuity.

With MØ, genres such as pop, soul, electronica and r’n‘b smoothly merge together, and her songs are catchy. MØ’s musical universe succeeds both with a narrow and a broad audience, in an intimate nightclub as well as in a grand concert hall.

MØ is a talent not to be overlooked, and we hope that the Rising Star Award will inspire her to unfold her unique talent even more.”

Apart from musical performances by the two Rising Star Award winners, Australian artists Diesel and Gurrumul and former Rising Star Award winner Oh Land gave performances. The show was hosted by Australian actress and comedian Julia
Zemiro and Danish musician and TV host Nikolaj Koppel.

The Crown Prince Couple’s Awards 2013 in Sydney

The Crown Prince Couple’s Awards were established by the Bikuben Foundation as a wedding gift to TRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s wedding on May 14, 2004. The aim of the Crown Prince Couple’s Awards is to draw attention
to an extraordinary achievement in Danish culture and social work.

This year’s award show is arranged in cooperation between The Crown Prince Couple, the Bikuben Foundation, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and the Australian TV station SBS.

The Sydney Opera House has invited Denmark to participate in the official 40th celebration of Jørn Utzon’s world-famous architectural work. The Crown Prince Couple have been invited by the Sydney Opera House to be patrons of the
anniversary, which takes place in the period October 22-28, 2013. A significant focus will be the Danish roots of the Opera House, focusing on new talents through a series of cultural events with the participation of Danish and Australian artists, architects, and designers. The Danish collaborators are the Danish Agency for Culture, the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Architecture Centre, the Bikuben Foundation, DR, the Danish Embassy in Australia and the Consulate General in Sydney.


Time & date: 08.00-09.30pm, Monday 28 October, 2013

Venue: Sydney Opera House

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